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UV Sterilizers
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Lamp Recycling
Emperor Aquatics, Inc. recognizes that we all have a responsibility as global citizens, to minimize our strain on the environment. The steps we take today to preserve our planet will have major repercussions on the health and well-being of our children.

Hg UV Lamps contain mercury, and should not be placed in the trash. Please recycle your old lamps or properly dispose of them as hazardous waste. Visit www.lamprecycle.org
for more information.

Advanced UV for Savio Skimmer
Retro-Fit UV for Savio Skimmers

Advanced UV Sterilizers
for Savio Skimmers

The Advanced UV was created to offer you proven uv sterilization for your Savio Skimmer. Adding a UV to your skimmer will eliminate waterborne algae and harmful bacteria in your pond without the constant costs and problems associated with chemicals.

If you currently use a UVinex UV clarifier in your Savio Skimmer, we urge you to upgrade to an Advanced UV Sterilizer for increased 1) Efficiency: lower replacement and operating costs over time, 2) Effectiveness: ensure that you’re getting the UV dose you need with proper flow rate and transmissibility information, and 3) Safety: UL listed equipment with water-tight, quartz sleeve design and remote power supply.

Advanced UV's were designed for the newer Savio Skimmers’ connections (Post-2007 as shown at right) and will not fit the “original” Savio Skimmer Boxes.

Our "Hard Quartz" glass lamps deliver an industry high 13 months of continuous operation until reaching 80% efficiency and feature a special non-ozone emitting "L Glass" envelope that eliminates internal quartz sleeve fouling from nitrogen by-products produced
by ozone.

Contact us today and see how we can customize a High Quality Retro-Fit for your filter (manufacturers only).

Savio Skimmer Retro-Fit UV Sterilizer Features

  • WATERTIGHT DESIGN resists failure due to water damage, isolates the skimmer water from the UV's electrical hardware.
  • QUARTZ SLEEVE thermally protects the lamp, increasing UV-C Output by as much as 70%. Isolates electrical hardware and lamp from water.
  • 26-FOOT POWER CORD features a remote power supply, isolating it from inside the skimmer box.
  • 13-MONTH UV LAMP provides 9,000 hours of useful lamp life.

Advanced UV Sterilizers

Part No. Description Price
02818 18 Watt Advanced UV for Savio Skimmers $224.00
02826 25 Watt Advanced UV for Savio Skimmers $241.60
02850 50 Watt Advanced UV for Savio Skimmers $336.00


Prices in Red - Products Ship in 1-3 Business Days.
Prices in Blue - Products Ship in 3-10 Business Days.
Call to Order 610-970-0440
Email: paes.emperorsales@pentair.com
Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm (EST)

Advanced UV Sterilizer Specifications

Model No. Maximum Pond Size No. Lamps/Watts Maximum
Water Flow Rate
02818 1,500 U.S. Gallons 1/18 500 GPH/unit 18½" x 4"
02826 2,340 U.S. Gallons 1/25 780 GPH/unit 23¼" x 4"
02850 4,800 U.S. Gallons 1/50 1,600 GPH/unit 23¼" x 4"

Advanced UV Sterilizer Parts

Retro-Fit UV Sterilizer
Watts/Model No.
UV Lamp
Part No.
Quartz Sleeve
Part No.
Power Supply
Part No.
Gasket Service Kit
Part No.
18/02818 22018 22318 20100-SAVIO-1 22323
25/02826 22025 22326 20100-SAVIO-1 22323
50/02850 22050 22326 20250-SAVIO-1 22323
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