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Lamp Recycling
Emperor Aquatics, Inc. recognizes that we all have a responsibility as global citizens, to minimize our strain on the environment. The steps we take today to preserve our planet will have major repercussions on the health and well-being of our children.

Hg UV Lamps contain mercury, and should not be placed in the trash. Please recycle your old lamps or properly dispose of them as hazardous waste. Visit www.lamprecycle.org
for more information.

BioPRO Filter Installation

Ultimate, Pressure Bio-Filtering

The BioPRO requires pre-filtered water! Position the BioPRO after a skimmer equipped with filter pads to remove solid waste before it can enter the BioPRO filter. Apply a three-way valve at the pump's suction and plumb in a 1.5" flexible line to a large Tadpole Filter positioned at the bottom of the pond. This arrangement removes surface pollutants as well as bottom sediments. For added circulation, create a water circulation by-pass on the clean water return line. BioPRO Filters are biological so it is vital to the filter's performance to keep their BioCELL media free of solid waste. Backwash accordingly!

BioPRO, Biological Pond Filters provide exceptional bio-filtration and are designed for pond applications with heavy fish loads. Each BioPRO Pond Filter features our unique BioCELL, bio-media made of neutrally buoyant, "high-impact" polystyrene. During filter mode the BioCELL media bed is stationary inside the filter, when backwashing the media bed is gently lifted allowing for a better solid waste removal. BioCEll's design combines the right amount of self-cleaning with a highly protected surface area (198 ft²/ft³) for nitrifying beneficial
bacteria colonies.

PSP Pond Filter Installation

Effective Mechanical and Biological Filtration with FilterCLAY Media

Our PSP (Pressure Sinking Pellet) Pond Filters are specifically designed for "Heavy Solid Waste" applications, which include ornamental koi ponds and water gardens. PSP Filters combine our FilterCLAY (Clay Pellet Filter Media) with the right filter laterals to create a simple yet efficient solids waste handling pond filter. Accomplishing both, solid waste capture and bio-filtration, our PSP Pond Filters are multi-functional. It's the unique characteristics of our FilterCLAY media that allows the PSP Filter to provide both, mechanical and
biological filtration.

BioPRO & PSP Installation

Recommended BioPRO Filter Applications

BioPRO Pond Filters are designed for ponds up to 16,800 gallons with heavy fish loads. BioPRO Filters are biological filters and must be positioned after a mechanical filter.

For Best BioPRO Filter Results

The BioPRO Pond Filter must be positioned after a mechanical filter to prevent debris and heavy solid waste from entering, collecting and fouling within the filter. Install a skimmer box before the BioPRO Pond Filter or install our Tadpole Filter before the water pump for the BioPRO to achieve optimal bio-filtration.

Recommended PSP Filter Applications

PSP Pond Filters are intended to be used as an exclusive pond filter, providing effective, mechanical and biological filtration. Best suited for ponds with high-density fish loads, PSP Pond Filters are available in four sizes with a maximum flow rate of 80 GPM and a maximum pond size of 9,600 gallons. For pond applications greater than 9,600 gallons our Commercial PSP Pond Filters are available in larger sizes.

For Best PSP Filter Results

First, maximize the circulation inside the pond by utilizing several clean water returns, this will increase water circulation and help to suspend solid waste. Suspending solid waste in the pond helps it reach the bottom drain or surface skimmer, where it is then carried to the PSP Filter. Additionally, PSP Pond Filters are "fixed-bed" filters and require a high-pressure pump (high RPM) equipped with a strainer basket. Properly match the pumps flow rate to that of the pond filter.

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