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By-Pass and Manifold Information

Pump Water By-Pass

Submersible Pump Water By-Pass

Increase the size of your submersible pump, install a "Tee" and "Ball Valve" Manifold to create a secondary by-pass line for additional circulation; use ball valves that can adjust water flow in either direction. Installing a Tadpole Filter on the pump's suction will increase the performance and operating life of the pump.

UV Water By-Pass

UV By-Pass

Create an easy-to-install, water by-pass to divert a precise flow to the UV Sterilizer; based upon its recommended flow rate. To improve accuracy, install a Water Flow Meter (shown below) between the ports. Adjusting the UV Sterilizer by-pass requires establishing a "Full Flow" rate. After identifying the Full Flow Rate (without by-passing water) you can adjust the by-pass (first 3-way valve) to achieve the desired flow. The secondary valve is either closed (no by-pass) or fully opened while by-pass is in operation.

External Pump Suction Manifold

External Pump Suction Manifold

Use a 2", 3-Way Union Valve (#OV#-2010U) as
a manifold to join the surface skimmer with the bottom drain. In this diagram we substitute our large Tadpole Filter (#01705) for the bottom drain. This arrangement eliminates the need for cutting the liner. Instead, the Tadpole Filter is pulled from the pond for easy cleaning.

Acrylic "Saddle-Style" Water Flow Meters:

Water Flow Meter

For Horizontal Pipe Installation
F-30100P 5-35 GPM 1" Pipe
F-30150P 20-100 GPM 1.5" Pipe
F-30200P 40-150 GPM 2" Pipe
F-30300P 80-300 GPM 3" Pipe
F-30400P 125-500 GPM 4" Pipe

For Vertical Pipe Installation
D-30150P 20-100 GPM 1.5" Pipe
D-30200P 40-150 GPM 2" Pipe

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