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FilterCLAY Filter Media


Multi-Functional Filter Media

FilterCLAY is a 100% pure, organic filter media. Clay that is finely ground into specific sized pellets (4-8 mm) and baked at a temperature of 1200° C inside a rotary kiln. FilterCLAY does not contain artificial additives, pesticides or dyes and is a perfect filter media for a variety of applications.

FilterCLAY Strength
FilterCLAY's high mechanical strength allows for it to be removed from the filter, easily cleaned and stored for re-use.

Substitute the Media in your Sand Filters for FilterCLAY
Consider FilterCLAY Media as an alternative media for fine sand in pond filters. FilterCLAY's size, shape and weight are better suited for a heavy waste applications than fine sand.

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Multi-Cyclone Pre-Filter

Multi-Cyclone Pre-Filter

Increase Pressure Filter Performance while
Reducing Backwash Frequency

Increase the performance of your pressure filter by installing the Multi-Cyclone 50 Pre-Filter after the external pump. The Multi-Cyclone 50 is a "Centrifugal, Solids Separation" Pre-Filter that literally spins particles (20-100 µm) out of suspension. Then they settle inside the Multi-Cyclone's sediment bowl, where they remain until drained. Removing solids prior to the pressure filter decreases required cleaning frequencies and the amount of waste water used.

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HOSS UV Sterilizer

UV Sterilizers eliminate waterborne pathogens, viruses, algae, bacteria and protozoa for a clear, clean, healthy pond in 3-5 days GUARANTEED!

HOSS UV Sterilizers

High-Output Stainless Steel UV Sterilizers

The HOSS UV Sterilizer combines quality craftsmanship with superior design and performance to deliver years of dependable, trouble-free operation. Our features include versatile mounting capabilities, a watertight design, easy-to-service UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve configuration and a durable NEMA 4X Power Supply enclosure. Each HOSS UV Sterilizer features our 80 watt, High-Output, T6 UV Lamp(s), configured in an array which best utilizes their UV-C output to its maximum potential. HOSS UV Sterilizers are available in one through four UV Lamp configurations.

For More Information Visit HOSS UV Sterilizers

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