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Multi-Functional Filter Media

FilterCLAY is a 100% pure, organic filter media. Clay, that is finely ground into specific sized pellets (4-8 mm) and baked at a temperature of 1200°C inside a rotary kiln. FilterCLAY does not contain artificial additives, pesticides or dyes, and is a perfect filter media for a variety of applications.

Mechanical Filtration
FilterCLAY is a "fixed bed" filter media, which means that the media bed is stationary during filtering. FilterCLAY's shape and varied size provides efficient solid waste capture and water polishing. Additionally, FilterCLAY's weight/density initiates a more effective backwash by allowing the bed to expand, yet stay within the filter vessel as the waste is flushed out of the filter.

Biological Filtration
FilterCLAY's innovative production process results in a significant amount of surface area from the porous skin and core within each pellet. This surface area is far greater than any other filter media on the market today. FilterCLAY's porosity also offers a protective environment for nitrifying colonies of beneficial bacteria, and in turn, optimal bio-filtration. These physical characteristics allow for quick nitrifying bacteria regeneration after cleaning.

Close up image of FilterCLAY FilterCLAY's Strength
FilterCLAY's high mechanical strength allows it to be removed from the filter, easily cleaned and stored for re-use.

Substitute FilterCLAY for Fine Sand in your Filter
Consider FilterCLAY media as an alternative media for fine sand in sand filters. FilterCLAY's size, shape and weight are better suited than sand for heavy solid waste applications.

FilterCLAY's Basic Properties

  • Material: Expanded Burnt Clay
  • Grain/Shape: Porous/Round
  • Particle Size: 4-8mm
  • Physical Properties:
    Particle Density Dry: 1080 +/- 50 kg/M³
    Bulk Density: 600 +/- 50 kg/M³

Other Properties

  • Optimal Surface Colonized Due to Porosity Level:
    Surface Area: 232ft²/gallon
  • FC-1: 1.7 cubic ft/65-75 pound bag.

FilterCLAY Filter Media

Part No. Description Price
FC-1 1.7 cubic ft. / 65-75 lb. bag $140.40

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