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Lamp Recycling
Emperor Aquatics, Inc. recognizes that we all have a responsibility as global citizens, to minimize our strain on the environment. The steps we take today to preserve our planet will have major repercussions on the health and well-being of our children.

Hg UV Lamps contain mercury, and should not be placed in the trash. Please recycle your old lamps or properly dispose of them as hazardous waste. Visit www.lamprecycle.org
for more information.

HydraPAK Filtration System Installation

A Complete Filtration System for Large, Upscale Ponds

The HydraPAK Filtration System should be positioned on a level surface and powered by an outdoor-rated electrical receptacle. The diagram shows a surface skimmer and bottom drain plumbed together using a 2" three-way union valve (OV3-2010U) prior to the pump's suction. The three-way valve allows for adjustments between the surface skimmer and bottom drain. Multiple surface skimmers and bottom drains may be required for larger ponds. Additionally, multiple clean-water return outlets should be considered to optimize circulation inside the pond. For larger ponds, utilize a secondary "dedicated" circulation pump.

The HydraPAK Filtration System combines exceptional PSP (Pressure Sinking Pellet) solid waste removal with the best in UV Sterilization. Each filter component is precisely matched to the system's predetermined flow rate to ensure the best possible protection for your pond. HydraPAK Filtration Systems effectively remove solid waste while eliminating waterborne pathogens, viruses, algae, bacteria and protozoa.

HydraPAK Filtration Systems feature quality components and workmanship. Each HydraPAK Filtration System is assembled at our facility and shipped ready for installation.

HydraSCAPE Filtration System Installation

The Only "Fully Automated" Pond Filtration System

The HydraSCAPE Filtration System includes "Commercial-Grade" design and components, delivering dependable, automatic operation. This state-of-the-art, Turn-Key filtration system features mechanical and biological filtration combined with UV Sterilization, all completely automated by its operator's
personalized settings.

All HydraSCAPE Filtration Systems are electrically and hydraulically tested before leaving our facility. Shipped fully assembled, the HydraSCAPE Filtration Systems are ready for on-site installation.

HydraPAK & HydraSCAPE Installation

Recommended HydraPAK Filtration System Applications

HydraPAK Filtration Systems provide effective mechanical and biological filtration, combined with optimum UV Sterilization for total protection against waterborne pathogens. Available in sizes capable of treating pond applications up to 25,800 gallons, HydraPAK Filtration Systems prove to be the all-in-one solution for large
pond filtration.

For Best HydraPAK Filtration System Results

The HydraPAK Filtration System requires a level platform for proper operation. Increase the amount of clean water returns to maximize water circulation inside the pond, this helps to suspend solid waste allowing it to reach the skimmer/drain and ultimately the filter. In an outdoor application use approved
outdoor-rated electrical receptacles.

Recommended HydraSCAPE Filtration System Applications

HydraSCAPE Filtration Systems should be used when a fully automatic operation is desired. HydraSCAPE Filtration Systems are best suited for large ornamental ponds, mammal/reptile and avian bathing pools. Available in sizes capable of treating applications up to 55,000 gallons, HydraSCAPE Filtration Systems are designed to handle heavy fish loads of animal exhibits.

For Best HydraSCAPE Filtration System Results

HydraSCAPE Filtration Systems require a level platform for proper operation. Use multiple clean water returns to maximize water circulation in the pond and help suspend solid waste, this will allow the waste to reach the skimmer/drain and ultimately, the filter.

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