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Lamp Recycling
Emperor Aquatics, Inc. recognizes that we all have a responsibility as global citizens, to minimize our strain on the environment. The steps we take today to preserve our planet will have major repercussions on the health and well-being of our children.

Hg UV Lamps contain mercury, and should not be placed in the trash. Please recycle your old lamps or properly dispose of them as hazardous waste. Visit www.lamprecycle.org
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HydroMAX Filter


HydroMAX Pond Filters

The HydroMAX Filter's "Gravity" Outlet Port cannot accommodate any type of restriction, therefore, the filter must be positioned beside the pond or at the head of a waterfall. Using a "Solids Handling Pump" is acceptable but pre-filtering the water prior to the pump will reduce wear and filter cleaning frequency. For additional circulation inside the pond, increase the pump size from 1,500 GPH to 3,000 GPH and create a Water Circulation By-Pass using a "Tee" and "Ball Valve". The additional 1,500 GPH increases water circulation and suspends solid waste at the bottom of the pond so it reaches the HydroMAX Filter more effectively.

HydroMAX Pond Filters OUTPERFORM the "Compact", canister style filter and UV Sterilizer combinations because they offer more space for a greater filtering capacity. Each HydroMAX Filter (Standard, Super and Pro) features large filter brushes and filter pads that provide a greater area for capturing and holding more solid waste than competing pond filters. The HydroMAX Pond Filters are made of heavy polyethylene that feature integrated waste settling chambers with dual waste valves for quick and easy filter cleaning and maintenance.
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HydroMAX Installation

Recommended Pond Applications

HydroMAX Pond Filters are best suited for ponds of up to 3,000 gallons with moderate fish loads. Since the HydroMAX Pond Filters are completely external filtration systems they must be positioned beside the pond, preferably at the head of a waterfall.

For Best Filtration Results

Provide the HydroMAX with a quality, solids handling, 1,500 GPH, submersible water pump. For additional solids separation install a Tadpole Filter as a pre-filter on the pump, this will improve pump performance and extend filtration maintenance schedules. Position the HydroMAX Pond Filter at the head of a waterfall so the filtered water will feed back into the pond unobstructed.

Three HydroMAX Pond Filter Models to Choose From

All HydroMAX Pond Filter models feature a strong polyethylene filter box and lid, water baffle plate(s), filter brushes, filter pads and two waste discharge gate valves. The HydroMAX SUPER adds efficient BioCELL bio-filtration, while the HydroMAX PRO adds both the bio-filtration and 37 watts of High-Output UV Sterilization for a more complete system.

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