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Lamp Recycling
Emperor Aquatics, Inc. recognizes that we all have a responsibility as global citizens, to minimize our strain on the environment. The steps we take today to preserve our planet will have major repercussions on the health and well-being of our children.

Hg UV Lamps contain mercury, and should not be placed in the trash. Please recycle your old lamps or properly dispose of them as hazardous waste. Visit www.lamprecycle.org
for more information.

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Tadpole Filters


Tadpole Pond Filters

Tadpole Filters are submersible, mechanical filters designed to capture solid waste particles before the pump and external filter. These unique filters can be used as a pre-filter in your existing filtration system or as a "Total Pond Filter" in applications of up to 1,000 gallons. Calculate your ponds size.

"Total Pond Filter" Installation

Tadpole Installation

The diagram above shows the correct Tadpole Filter and SMART UV Sterilizer operating locations. For additional circulation inside the pond, increase the pumps size by 50% and create a Water Circulation By-Pass using a "Tee" and "Ball Valve" manifold. Use the additional flow capacity from the by-pass to increase circulation in the pond to help suspend solid waste. Be sure not to exceed the SMART UV Sterilizer's water flow rate.

"Pre-Filter" Installation

Tadpole Pre-Filter Installation

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